Recent advances in liposome development for studying protein-lipid interactions

Samuel Herianto, Boopathi Subramani, Bo Ruei Chen, Chien Sheng Chen

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Protein-lipid interactions are crucial for various cellular biological processes like intracellular signaling, membrane transport, and cytoskeletal dynamics. Therefore, studying these interactions is essential to understand and unravel their specific functions. Nevertheless, the interacting proteins of many lipids are poorly understood and still require systematic study. Liposomes are the most well-known and familiar biomimetic systems used to study protein-lipid interactions. Although liposomes have been widely used for studying protein-lipid interactions in classical methods such as the co-flotation assay (CFA), co-sedimentation assay (CSA), and flow cytometric assay (FCA), an overview of their current applications and developments in high-throughput methods is not yet available. Here, we summarize the liposome development in low and high-throughput methods to study protein-lipid interactions. Besides, a constructive comment for each platform is presented to stimulate the advancement of these technologies in the future.

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期刊Critical Reviews in Biotechnology
出版狀態Published - 2024

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