Recent results from the ATF torsatron

M. Murakami, S. C. Aceto, E. Anabitarte, D. T. Anderson, F. S.B. Anderson, D. B. Batchelor, B. Brañas, L. R. Baylor, G. L. Bell, J. D. Bell, T. S. Bigelow, B. A. Carreras, R. J. Colchin, N. A. Crocker, E. C. Crume, N. Dominguez, R. A. Dory, J. L. Dunlap, G. R. Dyer, A. C. EnglandR. H. Fowler, R. F. Gandy, J. C. Glowienka, R. C. Goldfinger, R. H. Goulding, G. R. Hanson, J. H. Harris, C. Hidalgo, D. L. Hillis, S. Hiroe, S. P. Hirshman, L. D. Horton, H. C. Howe, D. P. Hutchinson, R. C. Isler, T. C. Jernigan, H. Kaneko, M. Kwon, R. A. Langley, J. N. Leboeuf, D. K. Lee, D. H.C. Lo, V. E. Lynch, J. F. Lyon, C. H. Ma, M. M. Menon, P. K. Mioduszewski, S. Morita, R. N. Morris, G. H. Neilson, M. A. Ochando, S. Okamura, S. Paul, A. L. Qualls, D. A. Rasmussen, R. K. Richards, Ch P. Ritz, J. A. Rome, J. Sanchez, J. G. Schwelberger, K. C. Shaing, T. D. Shepard, J. E. Simpkins, C. E. Thomas, J. S. Tolliver, T. Uckan, K. L. Vander Sluis, M. R. Wade, J. B. Wilgen, W. R. Wing, H. Yamada, J. J. Zielinski

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Recent experiments in the Advanced Toroidal Facility (ATF) torsatron [Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion Research 1990 (IAEA, Vienna, in press)] have emphasized the role of magnetic configuration control in transport studies. Long-pulse plasma operation up to 20 sec has been achieved with electron cyclotron heating (ECH). With neutral beam injection (NBI) power of ≥ 1 MW, global energy confinement times of 30 msec have been obtained with line-average densities up to 1.3 × 1020 m-3. The energy confinement and the operational space in ATF are roughly the same as those in tokamaks of similar size and field. The empirical scaling observed is similar to gyro-reduced Bohm scaling with favorable dependences on density and field offsetting an unfavorable power dependence. The toroidal current measured during ECH is identified as the bootstrap current. The observed currents agree well with predictions of neoclassical theory in magnitude and in parametric dependence. Variations of the magnetic configuration in discharges heated by ECH alone and by NBI change plasma transport and plasma profiles. Magnetic fluctuations respond to the concomitant pressure profile variations. Comparative studies of edge fluctuations in the Texas Experimental Tokamak (TEXT) [Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion Research 1990 (IAEA, Vienna, in press)] and the ATF stellarator showed remarkable similarity in the levels of fluctuations and the existence of a velocity shear layer.

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期刊Physics of Fluids B
出版狀態Published - 1991

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