Reconstruction of the shape and size of objects from two orthogonal projections

Z. D. Bai, P. R. Krishnaiah, C. R. Rao, Y. N. Sun, L. C. Zhao

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Suppose that V is a family of regular regions in Rd (d ≥ 2) with a common constructive profile (CP), i.e. the projection along the xd-axis. In this paper, the authors establish, under certain restrictions on the equal divisor, the one-to-one correspondence between V and the family Q of the induced testing profiles (TP), i.e. the projections along the x1-axis of the element in V. This proves that, under certain restrictions, a regular region in Rd is a continuous function of its profiles (CP and TP), which theoretically guarantees the justification of the reconstruction of the left ventricle given in a previous paper.

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期刊Mathematical and Computer Modelling
出版狀態Published - 1989

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