Recovery of Valuable Metals from Acoustic Magnet Swarf Slurry

Wei Sheng Chen, Li Pang Wang, Chen Yao Hung

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Acoustic magnet swarf slurry (AMSS) has 1900 tons production worldwide. The composition of AMSS contained 12.45% neodymium, 34.35% iron, 0.48% boron and 52.5% of cooling reagent. Removing cooling reagent and decreasing iron dissolution percent were achieved by oxidation roasting and selective leaching. Selective leaching removed 89% of iron with parameter of 0.5M HCl, solid-liquid ratio equal to 1:100, 4 hours at 95?. The rest of iron was separated by solvent extraction with Aliquat 336 as extractant. The optimal parameters of extracting iron were 0.1M A336, 3M chloride ion, aqueous-organic ratio equal to 1:3 and mixed for 1 minute. Oxalic acid added to solution after solvent extraction to precipitate neodymium. The final product was neodymium oxidize with 99% of purity by calcined neodymium oxalate at 900? for 0.5 hour. The recovery percent of neodymium was 99%.

期刊E3S Web of Conferences
出版狀態Published - 2018 九月 14
事件3rd International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environment Research, ICAEER 2018 - Guilin, China
持續時間: 2018 八月 102018 八月 12

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