Rejuvenation in vitro: Modulation of Protein Phosphorylation in Sequoia sempervirens

Jung lieh Kuo, Hao jen Huang, Ching ming Cheng, Li jing Chen, Bau lian Huang, Li chun Huang, Tsong teh Kuo

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Crude extract of whole cells and isolated mitochondria from cultured Sequoia sempervirens shoots of the adult, juvenile, and grafted adult tissues were incubated with [γ-32P]-ATP, and the resultant phosphoproteins were then separated by SDS-PAGE and examined through autoradiography. In the extracts of whole cells, the phosphorylation of their 32-kDa protein was evident only in the adult, and that of the 31-kDa protein was detected only in the juvenile cells. Repeated graftings of shoots from adult trees onto juvenile rootstock results in changing the phosphoprotein pattern. It becomes like that of the juvenile tissue and becomes very similar after four grafts. However, no qualitative differences were noted in mitochondrial phosphorylation patterns; rather, the total 32P incorporation turned out to be lower in the adult tissue than in juvenile and rejuvenated tissues.

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期刊Journal of Plant Physiology
出版狀態Published - 1995

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  • 生理學
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