Remarks on the motion of link in the dwell-position

Wen Miin Hwang, Chi Feng Chang

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It has been found that the path of every point on a moving plane has a cusp in the T-position of the second kind, which is in nature an instantaneous dwell-position. In this paper, cases which violate such a property are found, hence the motion of a moving plane in the vicinity of the instantaneous dwell-position is investigated. Interesting properties and their interrelationships are obtained, such as the number of consecutive contact points between the fixed polode and the moving polode, the paths of points on the moving plane, path tangent at the cusp, etc. The instant center of a link in the instantaneous dwell-position, in general, cannot be determined by the existing methods. However, based on the current properties, the instant center can be determined analytically. A geometric procedure presented here is able to determine the instant center of the stationary link of six-link mechanisms in the limit position.

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期刊Mechanism and Machine Theory
出版狀態Published - 1992 十一月

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