Resin flow analysis in the consolidation of multi‐directional laminated composites

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Advanced fiber reinforced polymer composites have been increasingly used in various structural components. One of the important processes to fabricate high performance laminated composites is an autoclave assisted prepreg lay‐up. Since the quality of laminated composites is largely affected by the cure cycle, selection of the cure cycle for each application is important and must be optimized. Thus, some fundamental model of the consolidation and cure processes is necessary to properly select the suitable parameters for each application. This study applied the theory of consolidation and flow in a porous medium to provide a general model for the three‐dimensional consolidation process of the laminates with fibers reinforced in multi‐directions. Based on the model analysis, one can predict the pressure, velocity, and laminate thickness during consolidation process, which, as coupled with the curing analysis, can be used to properly select the cure cycle for applications of laminated composites.

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期刊Polymer Composites
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