Results of surgical treatment of 107 patients with complications of pulmonary tuberculosis.

M. H. Wu, M. Y. Lin, Y. L. Tseng, W. W. Lai

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the results of surgical intervention performed on 107 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis complications. Between September 1988 and December 1995, 107 patients underwent a total of 126 operations for major complications of pulmonary tuberculosis. One hundred and twenty-six operations consisted of lobectomies only or plus other lung resections performed in 55 cases, pneumonectomies in 20 cases, segmentectomies in 18 cases, wedge resections in two cases, tracheobronchoplasties in four cases, decortications in two cases, cavernostomies with concomitant muscle transpositions in seven cases, thoracoplasties reserved for the previously failed operations or to be a supplement for pulmonary resections in 18 cases. The operative mortality rate was of 1.8%, and the major complication rate was of 16.8%. Twenty-eight (26.1%) patients with tuberculosis bacilli in sputum before operation have converted except one diabetic patient. In conclusion, surgery is indicated in pulmonary tuberculosis complications that are life-threatening or unresponsive to chemotherapy. Pulmonary resection is the procedure of choice for most cases that require surgery.

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期刊Respirology (Carlton, Vic.)
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