Rheological Experiments and Slump Tests of Kaolin Slurries

Chyan Deng Jan, Ciao Kai Hsu, Chih Yuan Yang

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This study performed rheological measurements and slump tests of sediment slurries to investigate the relationship between rheological parameters and the parameters measured using the slump test. Sediment slurries used in this study were mixtures of kaolin soil and tap water, with sediment concentrations between 25% and 35% by volume and Bingham fluid characteristics. The slurry's rheological behaviors and parameters (Bingham yield stress and viscosity) were measured using a Brookfield DV-III rheometer, and the slump parameters (slump height and spreading diameter) were obtained from slump tests by using a self-made mold. The results reveal that rheological and slump parameters are closely related to the sediment concentration of slurries. Higher concentrations resulted in greater Bingham yield stress and viscosity but smaller slump height and spreading diameter. The rheological parameters are closely related to the slump parameters, which implies that the parameters obtained from a slump test can be used to estimate the rheological parameters of a sediment slurry.

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期刊Journal of Chinese Soil and Water Conservation
出版狀態Published - 2018 六月 1


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