Robust ferroelectric state in multiferroic Mn1-xZn xWO4

R. P. Chaudhury, F. Ye, J. A. Fernandez-Baca, B. Lorenz, Y. Q. Wang, Y. Y. Sun, H. A. Mook, C. W. Chu

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We report on the remarkably robust ferroelectric state in the multiferroic compound Mn1-xZnxWO4. Substitution of the magnetic Mn2⊃+ with nonmagnetic Zn2⊃+ reduces the magnetic exchange and provides control of the various magnetic and multiferroic states of MnWO 4. Only 5% of Zn substitution results in complete suppression of the frustrated collinear (paraelectric) low-temperature phase. The helical magnetic and ferroelectric phase develops as the ground state. The multiferroic state is stable up to a high level of substitution of more than 50%. The magnetic, thermodynamic, and dielectric properties, as well as the ferroelectric polarization of single crystals of Mn1-xZnxWO4, are studied for different substitutions up to x=0.5. The magnetic phases have been identified in single-crystal neutron-scattering experiments. The ferroelectric polarization scales with the neutron intensity of the incommensurate peak of the helical phase.

期刊Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
出版狀態Published - 2011 1月 10

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