Robust filtering circuit design for stochastic gene networks under intrinsic and extrinsic molecular noises

Bor Sen Chen, Wei Sheng Wu

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How to design a robust gene network to tolerate more intrinsic kinetic parameter variations and to attenuate more extrinsic environmental noises to achieve a desired filtering level will be an important topic for systems biology and synthetic biology. At present, there is no good systematic design method to achieve robust gene network design. In this study, a gene network suffering from intrinsic kinetic parameter fluctuations and extrinsic environmental noises is modeled as a Langevin equation with state-dependent stochastic noises. Based on the nonlinear stochastic filtering theory, a systematic gene circuit design method is proposed to make gene networks improve their robustness to tolerate more intrinsic noises and to attenuate extrinsic noises to a prescribed filtering level. The robust gene network design principles have not only yielded a comprehensive design theory of robust gene networks, but also gained valuable insights into the molecular noise filtering of gene networks from the systematic perspective.

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期刊Mathematical Biosciences
出版狀態Published - 2008 二月 1


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