Robust servo control system design for two flexibly linked masses

T. L. Hsien, Y. Y. Sun, M. C. Tsai, S. J. Huang

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This paper presents a single-step servo controller design for a high-performance tracking control system with two flexibly linked masses. A multivariable design method, based on the H loop-shaping procedure, is developed to find a robust servo controller which in fact contains an inner-loop velocity controller and an outer-loop position controller. In this presented approach the servo controller is designed in only a single step unlike traditional approaches and in addition to this, the controller structure is particularly suitable for DSP-based implementation. An experimental flexible servomechanism which can physically generate both parameter uncertainties and load disturbances is purposely constructed for the use of evaluating real-time tracking control performance in torsional vibration suppression and disturbance rejection. The designed servo controller is implemented by a TMS320C31 digital signal processor (DSP) while the robustness of tracking performance subject to internal uncertainties and external disturbances is also verified.

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期刊Control Engineering Practice
出版狀態Published - 1997

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