Roles of nurses and National Nurses Associations in combating COVID-19: Taiwan experience

L. H. Huang, C. M. Chen, S. F. Chen, H. H. Wang

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand worldwide, Taiwan has effectively contained the spread domestically and protected its citizens after registering its first case relatively early on 21 January 2020. Proactive preparedness and deployment by the national government, timely evidence and experience-based judgements and decision-making, information transparency, rapid response, and effective communication and measures have all been critical to combating COVID-19 in Taiwan. Nurses play a pivotal role in providing direct health care as well as providing contact tracing and care for the quarantined clients and community care services. The Taiwan Nurses Association and other nurses’ associations serve a vital leadership role in advocating for nurses, raising public awareness, enhancing nursing’s professional profile, and sharing experiences via national and international platforms. The implications for nursing and health policy are that we need to well prepare for any unpredicted emerging pandemic in the future. Providing adequate personal protective equipment and safe staffing should be the highest priority for the governments and policymakers around the world to combat pandemic successfully.

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期刊International Nursing Review
出版狀態Published - 2020 9月 1

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