Rasgos semánticos a partir de corpus y su aplicación en el aprendizaje de la estructura 'ser/estar+adjetivo'

Hui Chuan Lu, An Chung Cheng

研究成果: Article


The present work combined mainly two sub-studies, the analysis of the data consulted from a native corpus and the application of different types of corpora in teaching the structure "ser/estar+adjective". The abundant data consulted in the Corpus del Español (Davies, 2002) allowed for the classification of the adjectives to examine the relationship between copular verbs and meanings of adjectives. In pedagogical implication, the lists of combinations formed by copular verbs and the semantic classifications of adjectives can be used with authentic examples in contexts as a reference to teach Spanish as a foreign language. In addition, the results of contrastive analysis across different languages through the Corpus Paralelo de Español, Inglés y Chino will provide useful references for multilingual learners in learning Spanish ser and estar with adjectives.

頁(從 - 到)117-137
期刊Circulo de Linguistica Aplicada a la Comunicacion
出版狀態Published - 2016 一月 1


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