Simplified rat intubation using a new oropharyngeal intubation wedge

I. M. Jou, Y. T. Tsai, C. L. Tsai, M. H. Wu, H. Y. Chang, N. S. Wang

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Our new oropharyngeal intubation wedge made from a plastic 3ml syringe has been used successfully for the expansion of the oropharyngeal cavity and visualization of vocal cords for endotracheal intubation in the rat. All the animals we used tolerated the intubation and ventilation procedures in a series of experiments. After the proper setting of the respirator, vital signs were maintained within normal range. The postmortem examination and measurements in the upper airway confirmed that the endotracheal tube was properly sited and also demonstrated the precise size of the device that should be used. The main advantages of this method include low cost, simplicity, and reliability. Furthermore, because no expensive, elaborate, difficult-to-operate, or hard-to-get special equipment is needed, this technique can be used in every laboratory.

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期刊Journal of Applied Physiology
出版狀態Published - 2000

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