Simulation of nonpremixed turbulent hydrogen-air flame in a dump combustor

Ching Shun Chen, Keh-Chin Chang

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The nonpremixed turbulent H2-air reacting flow in a dump combustor is numerically investigated. The comprehensive model representing the turbulent combustion process in a dump combustor requires a group of submodels including turbulence, chemistry, thermal radiation, turbulence/combustion interactions, etc. Seven models which are constructed from different submodels of turbulence, chemistry and pdf with and without consideration of thermal radiation are systematically tested in the work. The study reveals that the employment of more sophisticated submodels such as the hybrid k - ε turbulence submodel and the β pdf in the comprehensive model gives, to a certain degree, satisfactory predictions, but it should paid more computational effort in calculation. However, other chemistry submodel suitable for the condition investigated is required in the modeling work to further improve the accuracy of the predictions.

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  • 機械工業


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