Simulation of wave-current interaction with a sinusoidal bottom using OpenFOAM

Yu Hsiao, Chung Liang Tsai, Yen Lung Chen, Han Lun Wu, Shih Chun Hsiao

研究成果: Article


A two-dimensional numerical model in OpenFOAM, an open-source computational fluid dynamics software package, is used to investigate Bragg resonance under a wave-current field. An internal mass source wavemaker and a numerical sponge layer are implemented for wave-current generation and wave absorption, respectively. To ensure the validity of the internal wavemaker, a series of examinations is carried out. A simulation of wave-current interaction with a sinusoidal bottom is then carried out. The numerical results are compared with available experimental data and theoretical results. Moreover, the reflectivity and flow field in the presence of uniform and shear currents are investigated.

期刊Applied Ocean Research
出版狀態Published - 2020 一月


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  • Ocean Engineering