Simulation study for a proposed segmented automated material handling system design for 300-mm semiconductor fabs

Chiung Hsi Hsieh, Chiwoon Cho, Taho Yang, Ting Jiun Chang

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With the increase in the size and weight of 300-mm wafers, the factory area must be enlarged accordingly. Due to the flow of material over long distances, the elimination of manual wafer handling has become necessary. Consequently, an automated material handling system (AMHS) is required for 300-mm semiconductor manufacturing facilities. The design of an AMHS must not only be capable of meeting numerous complex material handling requirements, but it must also simplify control and reduce capacity loss. In this study, a segmented dual-track bidirectional loop (SDTBL) design for an AMHS is proposed. The configuration is based on a double-loop flow path structure that is divided into non-overlapping segments, each containing a certain number of vehicles operating in bidirectional mode. A transfer buffer is set to enable conversion between segments and connect each independent zone. This structure eliminates congestion and blocking without requiring additional investment by operating vehicles on mutually exclusive tracks. The segmentation strategies and steps for two scenarios are developed in this research, and a simulation is performed to evaluate the performance of each segmented strategy. The simulation results show that the proposed strategies can reduce the cycle time and increase stocker utilization by up to 55.55% and 39.39%, respectively, while the throughput remains the same. The proposed design has great potential for practical application.

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期刊Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory
出版狀態Published - 2012 十二月 1

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