Simultaneous absorption of SO2 and NO in a stirred tank reactor with NACLO2/NAOH solutions

Hsin Chu, Tsung Wen Chien, Bour Wei Twu

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The wet scrubbing combined SOx/NO removal system is one of the advanced air pollution control devices. This study tries to understand the kinetics of the absorption in the system. The absorption of SO2 and simultaneous absorption of SO2 and NO, whose concentrations are typical for flue gases emitted from coal-fired power plants, in a stirred tank reactor with NaClO2/NaOH solutions were carried out at 50°C. The liquid-side and gas-side mass transfer coefficients of the system were determined. The results indicate that the absorption of SO2 is completely gas-film controlled if the NaOH concentration is greater than 0.1 M or the NaClO2 concentration is greater than 0.2 M. Adding SO2 would decrease the absorption rate of NO; however, the addition of NO has no effect on the absorption rate Of SO2. The existence of O2 has no significant effect on the absorption rate Of SO2 and NO in the combined SOx/NO removal tests.

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期刊Water, Air, and Soil Pollution
出版狀態Published - 2003 二月

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