Single-step electrodeposition of CIS thin films with the complexing agent triethanolamine

Yu Shuen Chiu, Mu Tao Hsieh, Chih Min Chang, Chun Shuo Chen, Thou Jen Whang

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Some difficulties have long been encountered by single-step electrodeposition such as the optimization of electrolyte composition, deposition potentials, deposition time, and pH values. The approach of introducing ternary components into single-step electrodeposition is rather challenging especially due to the different values of the equilibrium potential for each constituent. Complexing agents play an important role in single-step electrodeposition of CuInSe 2 (CIS), since the equilibrium potential of every constituent can be brought closer to each other when complexing agents are employed. In this work, single-step electrodeposition of CIS was enhanced by adding triethanolamine (TEA) into deposition bath, the CIS thin films were improved consequently in the form of polycrystalline cauliflower structures through the examination of SEM images and XRD patterns. The optimum composition of the solution for single-step electrodeposition of CIS is found to be 5 mM CuCl 2 , 22 mM InCl 3 , and 22 mM SeO 2 at pH 1.5 with 0.1 M TEA. The structures, compositions, and morphologies of as-deposited and of annealed films were investigated.

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期刊Applied Surface Science
出版狀態Published - 2014 4月

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