Skeleton extraction by mesh contraction

Oscar Kin Chung Au, Chiew Lan Tai, Hung Kuo Chu, Daniel Cohen-Or, Tong Yee Lee

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Extraction of curve-skeletons is a fundamental problem with many applications in computer graphics and visualization. In this paper, we present a simple and robust skeleton extraction method based on mesh contraction. The method works directly on the mesh domain, without pre-sampling the mesh model into a volumetric representation. The method first contracts the mesh geometry into a zero-volume skeletal shape by applying implicit Laplacian smoothing with global positional constraints. The contraction does not alter the mesh connectivity and retains the key features of the original mesh. The contracted mesh is then converted into a 1D curve-skeleton through a connectivity surgery process to remove all the collapsed faces while preserving the shape of the contracted mesh and the original topology. The centeredness of the skeleton is refined by exploiting the induced skeleton-mesh mapping. In addition to producing a curve skeleton, the method generates other valuable information about the object's geometry, in particular, the skeleton-vertex correspondence and the local thickness, which are useful for various applications. We demonstrate its effectiveness in mesh segmentation and skinning animation.

出版狀態Published - 2008
事件ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 Papers 2008, SIGGRAPH'08 - Los Angeles, CA, United States
持續時間: 2008 8月 112008 8月 15


OtherACM SIGGRAPH 2008 Papers 2008, SIGGRAPH'08
國家/地區United States
城市Los Angeles, CA

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