Skyline path queries with aggregate attributes

Yi Chung Chen, Chiang Lee

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The skyline path query is a novel extension of skyline queries. A skyline path query retrieves a set of non-dominated paths from origin $s$ to destination t. On a road network using multiple path criteria, such as the distance, travel time, and number of travelers on a path, this paper extends the concept of skyline path query by considering a new type of criteria referred to as the aggregate attribute of paths. The method used for calculating this type of criteria is very different from that of existing criteria, and this can have a notable effect on the processing of ordinary skyline path queries. This paper defines the aggregate attributes of paths, discusses the impact of aggregate attributes on skyline path queries, and proposes a novel index tree with an intelligent algorithm to find the skyline path while taking aggregate attributes into account. Experiments demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed algorithm.

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期刊IEEE Access
出版狀態Published - 2016

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