Smart space technology innovations

Mu Yen Chen, Edwin David Lughofer

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The purpose of this paper is to introduce the theme issue on “Smart space technology innovations”. This editorial discusses the innovation concepts and advantages of smart space. The technologies of smart space and its application also are discussed. The editorial surveys the latest literature and research papers submitted to this special issue about smart space and technology in Library Hi Tech. Smart space has novel design and implementation perspectives for traditional information systems. Smart space depends not only on ambient intelligence and contextaware computing techniques, but also on overall information architecture. Therefore, smart space innovation may have wide implications for academic and practice of library and information systems. The paper discusses opportunities and challenges that smart space will bring. Its discusses the research of the papers submitted to this special issue on these topics. The research issues of smart space are occurring at international conferences and in journal papers. The focal point on the techniques and applications for library and information systems is primary original and novel.

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期刊Library Hi Tech
出版狀態Published - 2013 六月 7

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  • Information Systems
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