Social norms and areca quid chewing in Taiwanese adolescents - A preliminary study

Shih Ming Li, Jehn Shyun Huang

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Introduction: Social norms and personality play important roles in the initiation and maintenance of addictive behaviors. The aim of this preliminary study was to explore how social norms and personality influence areca quid chewing in adolescents. Materials and Methods: A total of 179 students from a junior high school in Chia-Yi city (Taiwan) participated in the study in 2003. Areca quid-chewing behavior and intention scales were used to determine attitude to, and usage of, areca quid. Social norm and conscientiousness scales were denoted as factors for perceived social environment and personality factors. Results: Forty of the sample (22.5%) has been areca-quid users. The mean scores for the subjective and behavioral social norms were 7.7±3.75 (range 4-20) and 11.8±3.26 (range 4-19). Statistical significance was demonstrated for the relationships between behavioral and subjective social-norm scores and intention to chew for the high-conscientiousness group (r=.27, p=.008; r=.416, p<.001), but not for the lowconscientiousness analog. Conclusions: The intention to chew areca quid was enhanced by the perceived social norms in highly conscientious Taiwanese adolescents.

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出版狀態Published - 2009 2月

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