Sodium ions removal by sulfuric acid-modified biochars

Jie Yu, Jo Shu Chang, Hongliang Guo, Song Han, Duu Jong Lee

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Sulfuric acid modifies the biochar derived from corn cobs, stalks, and reeds. Amongst the modified biochar, corn cobs-biochar has the highest BET (101.6 m2 g−1), followed by reeds-biochars (96.1 m2 g−1). The Na+ adsorption capacities for pristine biochars are corn cobs-pristine biochar: 24.2 mg g−1, corn stalks-pristine biochar: 7.6 mg g−1, and reeds-pristine biochar: 6.3 mg g−1, relatively low for field applications. The acid-modified corn cobs biochar has a superior Na+ adsorption capacity of up to 221.1 mg g−1, much higher than literature reports and the other two tested biochars. This corn cobs-modified biochar has also a satisfactory Na+ adsorption capacity (193.1 mg g−1) from actual water collected from a sodium-contaminated city, Daqing, China. The FT-IR spectroscopy and XPS spectrum reveal that the embedded surface –SO3H groups onto the biochar correlate with its superior Na + adsorption, attributable to the ion exchange mechanisms. The biochar surface accessible to sulfonic group grafting can generate a superior Na+ adsorbing surface, which is for the first time reported and has great application potential for the remediation of sodium-contaminated water.

期刊Environmental Research
出版狀態Published - 2023 10月 15

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