Solar façades: A review

Chi Ming Lai, Shuichi Hokoi

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Building facades are key elements for indoor illumination, indoor thermal environments, and solar energy utilization and control. In addition to the functions of building facades (rooftops are included in the overall structure of a building facade), solar facades are designed to specifically reject or absorb and reutilize solar heat. The present study reviews the important contents of studies on solar facades that have been published after 2010. Based on the classification of solid and void components of building facades, the solar facades reviewed in this article are divided into two major types: opaque solar facades and transparent or semi-transparent (translucent) facades. In terms of content, we emphasize the introduction of solar facade structures. We hope that this review can be utilized as a reference for academic researchers and will provide architects and related engineering designers with inspiration for building facades or thermal systems.

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期刊Building and Environment
出版狀態Published - 2015 九月 1

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