Spectroscopic measurement of impurity ion behavior in the GAMMA10 tandem mirror

K. Ikeda, Y. Nagayama, T. Itoh, E. Kawamori, Y. Okamoto, T. Tamano, N. Yamaguchi, K. Yatsu, M. Yoshikawa

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Behavior of impurity ions has been investigated using visible spectroscopy in the GAMMA10 tandem mirror. A 40 channel visible spectrometer system has been developed for measurements of the ion temperature and ion flow velocity. The spectrometer consists of a 100 cm monochromator, a 40 channel optical fiber array and an image intensifier tube coupled with a charge coupled device TV camera. The spectra from low ionization states of oxygen and carbon are measured in ion cyclotron range of frequency heated plasmas. High ion temperatures (3-10 keV) of O4+ are observed in the anchor region, where the minimum B mirror field is produced by baseball coils. The O4+ ion is heated by the fourth harmonic frequency of O4+, which is most likely due to the cyclotron higher harmonic damping.

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期刊Review of Scientific Instruments
發行號1 II
出版狀態Published - 1999 1月

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