Split Archimedean spiral metasurface for controllable GHz asymmetric transmission

Q. H. Song, P. C. Wu, W. M. Zhu, W. Zhang, Z. X. Shen, P. H.J. Chong, Q. X. Liang, D. P. Tsai, T. Bourouina, Y. Leprince-Wang, A. Q. Liu

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A chiral metasurface, which obtains chirality through a subwavelength artificial structure, is essential for realizing asymmetric transmission in the application of enantioselective sensing, spin-dependent light emission, and other polarization control systems. Here, we studied a split Archimedean spiral metasurface, which can control the propagating wave from asymmetric transmission to symmetric transmission for linear polarized light. As a proof of concept, a dual-band asymmetric transmission is demonstrated in the GHz region using the coupling of the split spiral structures. The maximum asymmetric transmission parameter reaches 53%. By manipulating the height of the split spiral structures using microfluidic technology, a broadband asymmetric transmission is obtained with the bandwidth of 25.9%. Meanwhile, the asymmetric transmission can be controlled from 50% to 0%, enabling the propagation wave from asymmetric transmission to symmetric transmission. Furthermore, the asymmetric transmission is maintained when the metasurface is bent into different curvatures, promising high potential applications for optical isolation, one-way glass, and optical interconnects.

期刊Applied Physics Letters
出版狀態Published - 2019 四月 15

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  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)

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