Storm-event rainfall-runoff modelling approach for ungauged sites in Taiwan

Yu Chi Wang, Shien Tsung Chen, Pao Shan Yu, Tao Chang Yang

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This work develops a top-down modelling approach for storm-event rainfall-runoff model calibration at unmeasured sites in Taiwan. Twenty-six storm events occurring in seven sub-catchments in the Kao-Ping River provided the analytical data set. Regional formulas for three important features of a streamflow hydrograph, i.e. time to peak, peak flow, and total runoff volume, were developed via the characteristics of storm event and catchment using multivariate regression analysis. Validation of the regional formulas demonstrates that they reasonably predict the three features of a streamflow hydrograph at ungauged sites. All of the sub-catchments in the study area were then adopted as ungauged areas, and the three streamflow hydrograph features were calculated by the regional formulas and substituted into the fuzzy multi-objective function for rainfall-runoff model calibration. Calibration results show that the proposed approach can effectively simulate the streamflow hydrographs at the ungauged sites. The simulated hydrographs more closely resemble observed hydrographs than hydrographs synthesized using the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) dimensionless unit hydrograph method, a conventional method for hydrograph estimation at ungauged sites in Taiwan.

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期刊Hydrological Processes
出版狀態Published - 2008 10月 15

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