Stress fields in composites reinforced by coated cylindrically orthotropic fibers

T. Chen, G. J. Dvorak, Y. Benveniste

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Local fields and effective thermoelastic properties are derived for coated fiber composites with cylindrically orthotropic fibers and transversely isotropic coating and matrix phases. Thermomechanical loading situations are considered in which a uniform stress and a uniform temperature change are applied to the boundary of the composite aggregate. A micromechanical model, based on the Mori and Tanaka's concept of average stress in the matrix, is used to account for phase interaction. It is found that a special treatment is needed in formulation of effective properties of composites reinforced by constituents which are curvilinearly anisotropic. Results are presented for a pitch precursor carbon fiber, carbon coating and titanium aluminate matrix system.

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期刊Mechanics of Materials
出版狀態Published - 1990 5月

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