Stroh-Like Formalism for General Thin-Laminated Plates and Its Applications

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If laminates are unsymmetric, they will be stretched as well as bent even under pure in-plane forces or pure bending moments. The coupled stretching-bending theory of laminates was developed to study the mechanical behavior of thin-laminated plates. Since this theory considers the linear variation of displacements across the thickness direction, by separating the thickness dependence it is easy to get general solutions through the complex-variable approach. An elegant and powerful complex-variable method called Stroh formalism is well known for problems in two-dimensional linear anisotropic elasticity. In this chapter, its counterpart, generally called Stroh-like formalism, will be introduced to deal with the coupled stretching-bending theory of laminates. Moreover, its extension to hygrothermal problems and electro-elastic composite laminates, and its applications to the problems of holes and cracks in laminates will all be presented. Some representative numerical examples are then shown to illustrate the advantage and necessity of the analytical closed-form solutions obtained by the Stroh-like formalism.

主出版物標題Computational and Experimental Methods in Structures
編輯Vladislav Mantič
發行者World Scientific
出版狀態Published - 2023 4月 1


名字Computational and Experimental Methods in Structures

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