Structural dynamics in an electron-transfer complex

Mei Fen Jeng, S. Walter Englander, Kelli Pardue, Jill Short Rogalskyj, George McLendon

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The dynamic behaviour of the complex of horse cytochrome c with cytochrome c peroxidase, an electron-transfer complex, was studied in solution by a hydrogen exchange labelling method together with two-dimensional NMR analysis. Although cytochrome c hydrogens in the expected binding region exhibit slowed exchange, the measured slowing factors are very small, indicating that hydrogenexchange occurs with little hindrance from within the binding interface. The complex in solution must therefore be highly mobile rather than rigidly defined, as implied by the crystalline complex. This result is in conflict with the concept that biological electron transfer occurs by way of predetermined covalent pathways.

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期刊Nature Structural Biology
出版狀態Published - 1994 四月

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  • Structural Biology
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