Structure-Based Analysis of Protein Cluster Size for Super-Resolution Microscopy in the Nervous System

Chia En Wong, Yuan Ping Chu, Kuen Jer Tsai

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To overcome the diffraction limit and resolve target structures in greater detail, far-field super-resolution techniques such as stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) have been developed, and different STORM algorithms have been developed to deal with the various problems that arise. In particular, the effect of the local structure is an important issue. For objects with closely correlated distributions, simple Gaussian-based localization algorithms often used in STORM imaging misinterpret overlapping point spread functions (PSFs) as one, which limits the ability of super-resolution imaging to resolve nanoscale local structures and leads to inaccurate length measurements. The STORM super-resolution images of biological specimens from the clus-ter-forming proteins in the nervous system were reconstructed for localization-based analysis. Gen-erally, the localization of each fluorophore was determined by two-dimensional Gaussian function fitting. Further, the physical shape of the cluster structure information was incorporated into the size parameter of the localization structure analysis in order to generate structure-based fitting al-gorithms. In the present study, we proposed a novel, structure-based, super-resolution image analysis method: structure-based analysis (SBA), which combines a structural function and a super-resolution localization algorithm. Using SBA, we estimated the size of fluorescent beads, inclusion proteins, and subtle synaptic structures in both wide-field and STORM images. The results show that SBA has a comparable and often superior performance to the commonly used full width at half maximum (FWHM) parameter. We demonstrated that SBA is able to estimate molecular cluster sizes in far-field super-resolution STORM images, and that SBA was comparable and often superior to FWHM. We also certified that SBA provides size estimations that corroborate previously pub-lished electron microscopy data.

出版狀態Published - 2022 2月

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