Study of magnetic dynamics of LuFe2O4

Subhrangsu Taran, C. Chou, L. Her, P. Sun, C. Lin, L. Chan, L. Huang, D. Yang

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A detailed study of the magnetic properties has been carried out for the LuFe2O4 system. Room temperature X-ray diffraction indicated single phase of the polycrystalline powder. The dc magnetization reveals the magnetic transition near 225 K. The ac susceptibility showed a peak corresponding to the magnetic transition; however, the peak is found to be frequency-dependent. With increasing frequency, the peak-temperature of the real part of the ac susceptibility (X′) increases and the respective susceptibility values are decreased. The imaginary part of the ac susceptibility (X″) increases with increasing frequency and so as the magnetic peak-temperature. The dynamic scaling of the ac susceptibility reveals the spin glass nature of this phase. The unusual glassy nature of the magnetic transition seems to be related to the presence of fractional disorder of the Fe 2+ and Fe3+ ions resulted from the oxygen nonstoichiometry.

期刊Journal of Physics: Conference Series
出版狀態Published - 2009

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