Study of self-organized InAs/GaAs quantum dots by photoluminescence and photoreflectance

Jenn Shyong Hwang, Mei Fei Chen, Kuang I. Lin, Chiang Nan Tsai, Wen Chi Hwang, Wei Yang Chou, Hao Hsiung Lin, Ming Ching Chen

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Using photoluminescence and photoreflectance ranging from 8 to 300 K, this study investigates transition energies in InAs/GaAs quantum dot (QD) samples grown on (100) misoriented 7° towards (100) GaAs substrates using gas source molecular beam epitaxy with various group V/III flux ratios. Only the exciton transition appears in the photoluminescence spectra (PL) of all samples. Experimental results indicate that the decrease in the full width at half maximum (FWHM) of the PL peak with increasing temperature can be attributed to the effective suppression of non-predominant size QD emissions due to carrier tunneling between nearby dots. Signals from all relevant portions of the samples have been observed in the PR spectra. One to three transition energies in QDs, depending on the dot size, are observed in the PR spectra.

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期刊Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
發行號9 A
出版狀態Published - 2003 9月

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