Study on micro-forming of CuNi and ZnAl alloys

Quang Cherng Hsu, Chen Da Wu, Ko Ho Yang, Rong Shean Lee

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In the proposed paper, two fabricating processes to produce micro dies are discussed, namely micro electro-discharge machining for tool steel and photolithography and etching for silicon wafer. The suitable process parameters to fabricate micro dies as well as using micro dies to deform ZnAl alloy and CuNi alloy are discussed in the proposed paper.After examining experimental and analytical results, the following conclusions can be obtained. The constant shear friction factor is 0.12 as obtained by the ring compression test. The simulated force is greater than the experiment by 6.9% according to the ring compression test. If the forming temperature is lower than 200°C, silicon wafer die is too brittle to compress ZnAl material, and if the forming temperature is greater than 250°C, silicon wafer die is able to compress ZnAl material. However, if the forming temperature is greater than 100°C, the tool steel die is always able to deform ZnAl material without any defect. The required forming forces decrease with increasing material thickness or forming temperature.

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  • 機械工業


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