Study peeling strength of tape carrier packaging and chip scale packaging

Yu Tang Yen, Yu Cheng Lin

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This paper reports the peeling strength of tape carrier packages (TCPs) and chip scale packages (CSPs) by means of regression analysis. The bonding strength of TCPs and CSPs laminates are measured by a peeling test which is performed on the laminating and curing procedures of different manufacturers. To demonstrate this improved testing strategy, TCPs and CSPs are compared after curing under different conditions of laminating and curing of the adhesive tape. A regression model is used for predicting the peeling strength. Observing the boxplot, the bar's tendency of getting small represents the experiment figures are gathering. These peeling forces of Tomoegawa-x and Toray-7100 are 115 and 100 gf/mm initially and 120 and 110 gf/mm after raising the temperature for 10 min. Then, the improved experimental forces centralize on the boxplot. A new regression method was introduced to the experiments in our investigation. The experiment results demonstrate that the higher width of vehicle leads to the lower peeling force. The benefit of experiment could be obtained quickly over 1800 multiple time and cost down US$ 150 for each experiment.

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期刊Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical
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出版狀態Published - 2007 9月 12

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