Suppression of nonlinear forced waves by error-insensitive input shaping

Shao Peng Su, Tian-Shiang Yang

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On physical grounds, linear monochromatic waves can be completely suppressed by exploiting destructive interference, which may be called into action by modifying the preexistent forcing of the wave system into a series of properly separated partial forcings of similar shape. Furthermore, by manipulating the number, separation distance, and individual strengths of the partial forcings, it is also possible to reduce the sensitivity of the input-shaping scheme to shaping parameter errors. Here, in the weakly nonlinear-weakly dispersive parameter regime, we use the techniques of exponential asymptotics to calculate the excited wave amplitude in the forced Korteweg-de Vries model problem. Systematic investigation of the dependence of the wave amplitude upon various system and input-shaping parameters indicates that an error-insensitive input-shaping scheme proposed in this paper works for nonlinear wave systems as well. Furthermore, compared with its performance in linear wave systems, the scheme actually appears to be more effective and tolerant of separation distance errors in nonlinear wave systems. These interesting theoretical findings are also supported by numerical results that are not subjected to the restriction of weak nonlinearity.

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