Surface characterization and platelet compatibility evaluation of the binary mixed self-assembled monolayers

Meng Yen Tsai, Yu Ting Sun, Jui Che Lin

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This report describes a technique that used mixed self-assembled monolayer (SAM) as a model surface to evaluate the effect of steric hindrance on the SAM packing quality and its platelet compatibility. Two series of binary mixed SAMs were formed by mixing the bulky terminated alkanethiol (HS(CH2)10PO3H2) with a smaller terminated one (HS(CH2)9CH3 and HS(CH2)11OH) respectively. Surface characterization results showed the hydrophilicity on these two series of mixed SAMs changed with the solution mole fraction of {single bond}PO3H2 terminated thiol, χPO3H2,soln, and reached to a nearly constant value as χPO3H2,soln was 0.6 for PO3H2 + CH3 SAM and 0.4 for PO3H2 + OH SAM. This finding should be due to the gradual saturation of surface {single bond}PO3H2 functionality on these mixed SAMs. The XPS analysis indicated the addition of the {single bond}CH3 and {single bond}OH terminated thiol could reduce the steric hindrance effect of {single bond}PO3H2 functionality on monolayer formation and, henceforth, improve the SAM packing quality. In vitro platelet adhesion assay revealed the platelet compatibility on the PO3H2 + OH SAMs was better than that on the PO3H2 + CH3 and the pure {single bond}PO3H2 ones. Moreover, the PO3H2 + OH SAM with a low χPO3H2,soln value exhibited the least platelet activating property of these two mixed SAM systems. These findings suggested that material's surface wettability and surface charge density should act collectively in affecting its platelet compatibility.

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期刊Journal of Colloid And Interface Science
出版狀態Published - 2007 4月 15

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