Surgical results of 29 patients with benign tracheobronchial lesions

Ming Ho Wu, Yau Lin Tseng, M. U.Yen Lin, Wu Wei Lai

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This study was carried out in order to evaluate the surgical results of benign tracheobronchial diseases. Between July 1988 and March 1996, tracheobronchial surgery was performed on 29 patients with a variety of benign diseases. The primary diseases were post intubation or post tracheostomy tracheal stenosis (n = 12), tuberculous stenosis (n = 7), congenital tracheal stenosis with or without vascular ring (n = 4), tracheobronchial tumour (n = 2), oesophageal tumour (n-1), and miscellaneous conditions (n = 3). Thirty-one operative procedures included sleeve lobectomy (n=7), sleeve resection of trachea (n=17) and bronchus (n=2), and plastic surgery of trachea (n=4) and bronchus (n=l). There was one operative death, which put the mortality rate at 3.4%. There were five postoperative complications in this series (17.2%), including anastomotic disruption of trachea (n = 1), bilateral vocal cord palsy (n = 1), prolonged endotracheal intubation (n = 1) and overgrowth of granulation (n = 2). The complication of anastomotic disruption of trachea was treated by insertion of a tracheal T- tube, and the granulation was treated by bronchoscopic excision. We suggest that tracheobronchoplasty is a safe procedure in carefully selected patients with benign diseases.

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出版狀態Published - 1997

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