Surgical treatment of pediatric lung abscess

M. H. Wu, Y. L. Tseng, M. Y. Lin, W. W. Lai

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Eight pediatric patients with lung abscesses underwent surgical intervention in our hospital during a 7-year period. All the abscesses were associated with severe sepsis or complicated by a bronchopleural fistula that did not respond to medical treatment and tube thoracostomy. Seven patients required unilateral thoracotomies, and one patient with bilateral lesions required simultaneous bilateral thoracotomies. One tension pneumatocele required a preceding pneumonostomy. All patients underwent decortication and at least one additional surgical procedure consisting of: lung debridement plus bronchial closure (n = 4); lobectomy (n = 2); bisegmentectomy (n = 3); and/or segmentectomy (n = 1). There were no operative deaths, but two patients had persistent air leakage that was treated by bronchial closure. The average hospital stay was 22 days (postoperative 10.1 days). All the patients recovered completely. For many pediatric lung abscesses that do not respond to medical treatment and simple drainage procedures, surgical intervention is indicated and can shorten the hospital stay.

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期刊Pediatric Surgery International
出版狀態Published - 1997 4月

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