Sustainable urban regeneration in taiwanese old urban districts: From a user’s perspective

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The researchers intend to approach urban regeneration issues in old urban districts from a user’s perspective. Instead of experts’ evaluation and professional disciplines, this research relies on the users’ perceptions about the factors of the built environment on a liveable urban district. The case study areas are two historic districts in Tainan city — Chihkan district and Minsheng greenpark district. In order to measure the users’ attitudes about regeneration issues, the researchers use Likert scale in questionnaire for users to fill in the right scale of their perception. The users to be surveyed can classify into two groups: 1) inhabitants in a district, 2) tourists in a district. As for inhabitants, questionnaire mainly concerns the liveability issues of an old district, for instance, the impact of high density on life quality, or satisfaction about local traffic; whilst for tourists, questionnaire concentrates on cultural tourism issues, for instance, the attractiveness of gourmet, cultural heritage or the degree of importance they feel about the retailing stores, and department stores in old districts etc. After collecting the questionnaires from both two groups, multivariate analysis is used in coding. By factor analysis, the key constructs concerning a liveable district can be concluded with priority order, for instance, cultural heritage as the most important construct, a neighbourhood for all social hierarchy as the second important construct, and a convenient neighbourhood as the third important construct and others. By descriptive statistics, the tourists’ attitudes about historic districts can also be summarized, for instance, which element is more appealing to most tourists, or how important do most tourists feel about reused old buildings etc. Research results can be used to build regeneration strategies fit to the need of districts.

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期刊International Journal of Sustainable Building Technology and Urban Development
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