Syntheses of Three-Port DC-DC Converters

Peng Luo, Tsorng Juu Liang, Kai Hui Chen, Shih Ming Chen, Jiann Fuh Chen

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This article proposes a systematic method to construct three-port converters (TPCs) and bidirectional three-port converters (BTPCs) by integrating two dc-dc converters including nonisolated and isolated types. By adding extra one power switch and one diode, the TPCs can be constructed by the dc-dc converters. A series of the proposed TPCs can provide independent power flow control of single-input to single-output, single-input to dual-output, and dual-input to single-output. By adding extra two power switches, the BTPCs can be constructed by the dc-dc converters. The power flows between any two ports can be controlled bidirectionally without significantly altering their architecture. Finally, a typical nonisolated BTPC is analyzed and implemented with rated power of 300 W and three ports voltages of 48, 72, and 200 V to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the theoretical analyses. The highest measured efficiency is 98.4%.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
出版狀態Published - 2023 12月 1

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