Synthesis and characterization of organic dyes containing various donors and acceptors

Tzi Yi Wu, Ming Hsiu Tsao, Fu Lin Chen, Shyh Gang Su, Cheng Wen Chang, Hong Paul Wang, Yuan Chung Lin, Wen Chung Ou-Yang, I. Wen Sun

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New organic dyes comprising carbazole, iminodibenzyl, or phenothiazine moieties, respectively, as the electron donors, and cyanoacetic acid or acrylic acid moieties as the electron acceptors/anchoring groups were synthesized and characterized. The influence of heteroatoms on carbazole, iminodibenzyl and phenothiazine donors, and cyano-substitution on the acid acceptor is evidenced by spectral, electrochemical, photovoltaic experiments, and density functional theory calculations. The phenothiazine dyes show solar-energy-to-electricity conversion efficiency (η) of 3.46-5.53%, whereas carbazole and iminodibenzyl dyes show η of 2.43% and 3.49%, respectively.

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期刊International journal of molecular sciences
出版狀態Published - 2010 1月

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