Synthesis of Cu2O and ZnO nanowire arrays by electrochemical deposition process

Yu Min Shen, Pramoda K. Nayak, Sheng Chang Wang, Jow Lay Huang

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Polycrystalline Cu2O nanowire arrays have been grown via porous alumina membranes using three-electrode electrochemical deposition. The effect of electrolyte, pH value, deposition potential, annealing temperature, and annealing atmosphere on the growth of Cu2O nanowire arrays has been investigated. On the other hand, ordered ZnO/AZO/PAM nanowire arrays have been prepared by seed layer assisted electrochemical deposition. The comprehensive of electrochemical process adopted (e.g. electrolytes, deposition parameters); various characterization techniques and the outcome of the results have been summarized in details. It is observed that the ZnO nanowire arrays are assembled into the nanochannel of porous alumina template with diameter of 120 ̃ 140 nm. The crystalline structure of single ZnO nanowire is dependent on AZO seed layer. The nucleation and growth process of ZnO/AZO/PAM nanowires are interpreted by seed layer assisted growth mechanism.

主出版物子標題Properties, Processes and Applications
發行者Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
出版狀態Published - 2012 9月 1

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