System modeling and characterization of enhanced valveless micropumps

Hsin Yi Lai, Jing Hao Kang

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This article provides a comprehensive analytical and numerical modeling procedure for characterizing the dynamics of flow fields in both the traditional circular and the new, efficiency- enhanced chambers of valveless micropump systems. The flow dynamics of the traditional circular valveless micropump system are analytically modeled and experimentally verified by comparing the results with data measured directly from a real-world system that has been discussed in the literature. The validated comprehensive modeling procedure is then extended to model the efficiency- enhanced micropump system in order to increase net flow rate and expanding the operational working range of the back pressure for possible micro devices aimed at applications for many high-performance industrial applications. A comparison of the associated system frequencies in both micropump systems shows, that the resonance frequency of the efficiency- enhanced micropump system is increased from 31 Hz to 38 Hz. The maximum net flow rate of the new system is also increased dramatically to a level of 1.74 ml/min, which is approximately 50% higher than that of the conventional setup. As long as the same input driving power is applied to both systems, the overall operating efficiency of the proposed micropump system is increased by approximately 58%. Meanwhile, the best- efficiency point (BEP) is stepped up from 0.56 ml/min to 1.1 ml/min. The enhancement of the BEP thus makes it possible for the back pressure to be operate more effectively in the range of 64 ∼ 100 Pa.

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