System Performance and Thrust Chamber Optimization of Air-Breathing Pulse Detonation Engines

V. Yang, F. H. Ma, J. Y. Choi

研究成果: Chapter


This chapter presents an overview of a research conducted to establish a system performance and thermodynamic cycle analysis for air-breathing pulse detonation engines (PDEs) by means of a modular approach. Each module represents a specific component of the engine, and its dynamic behavior is formulated using complete conservation equations. The governing equations and their associated boundary conditions are numerically solved using space-time method that circumvents the deficiencies of computational methods used for treating detonation waves and shock discontinuities. Both one- and two-dimensional simulations are conducted to study the various fundamental scientific and practical engineering issues involved in the development of PDEs. Three areas are covered in the research: (1) the effect of nozzle configuration on PDE performance, (2) single-tube thrust chamber dynamics, and (3) multitube thrust chamber dynamics. The primary outcome of the research is a general framework, in a form suitable for routine practical applications, for assessing the effects of all known processes on engine dynamics. It also helps designers and researchers to optimize the overall system performance and to identify the major technological barriers at minimal computational expense.

主出版物標題Combustion Processes in Propulsion
發行者Elsevier Inc.
出版狀態Published - 2006

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