Taxonomic revision of Andreaea (Mosses, Andreaeaceae) of Taiwan

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Six taxa of Andreaea of Taiwan are revised taxonomically with one new species, A. taiwanensis sp. nov., and two new additions, i.e., A. wangiana Chen and A. rupestris Hedw. A. commutata C. Muell. is synonymized to A. rupestris var. fauriei (Besch.) Tak. Four species have capsules that split from base to tip: A. taiwanensis, A. mutabilis, A. rupestris vat. rupestris, and A. rupestris var. fauriei. A. taiwanensis, closely related to A. mutabilis, is distinguishable from other Andreaeae by its large, loose leaves and rectangular to linear laminal cells. A. mutabilis is distinguished from the relatives A. rupestris vat. rupestris and var. fauriei by the isodiametric marginal, basal cells. A. morrisonensis and A. wangiana belong to another group that has capsules with dehiscence in the upper half. A distinctively obtuse leaf apex distinguishes A. wangiana from A. morrisonensis.

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