Techno-economic analysis for evaluating the potential feedstocks for producing hydro-processed renewable jet fuel in Taiwan

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The feedstock has been the most significant issue for promoting a sustainable and economical renewable aviation fuel in Taiwan. In this study, the potential feedstocks available for producing hydro-processed renewable jet (HRJ) fuel locally in Taiwan were evaluated economically through the process simulation and techno-economic analysis. The productivities, H2 consumptions, product distributions and properties of the produced fuel, which strongly depend on the fatty acid content within the oil/fat feedstocks, were demonstrated and discussed. The baseline economics, sensitivity analyses and pioneer plant analyses were also conducted in accordance with the simulation results. The minimum aviation fuel selling prices (MAFPs) of all feedstocks were calculated ranging from $0.91/L∼ $2.74/L. The feedstock costs, prices of hydrogen, prices of hydro-processing catalyst and plant capacities have influences on the selling prices of renewable aviation fuel by 54%, 18%, 12% and 11%, respectively. Furthermore, although the greases have the most economical benefits among the selected feedstocks, the feedstock pretreatment processes lead to the complexity of the production and result in higher pioneer plant costs compared to the ones of plant oils. This study provides the suggestions for the government to locally select an appropriate HRJ feedstock.

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