Tele-consultation enhanced via session retrieval and session scheduling capabilities

Cheng Hsiung Wang, Chien Cheng Lee, Hewijin Christine Jiau, Tsung Lung Yang, Kuo Feng Ssu, Pau Choo Chung

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Conventionally adopted medical tele-consultation systems primarily provide an interactive discussion environment for physicians. However, as medical tele-consultation systems are used for healthcare, the manageability and retrieval capabilities are of equal importance to this interactive discussion environment. A novel medical tele-consultation system with session retrieval and session scheduling capabilities is presented in this study. Session retrieval capabilities are addressed in terms of session-replay and session-recovery. The session-replay capability facilitates a replay of an entire session or specific parts of a session according to user selection. This feature is particularly important for maintaining the possibility to review sessions and provide interns with teaching materials. The session-recovery capability provides rapid recovery of a session process for re-connecting and late users to quickly catch up with an on-going session. Additionally, the system makes scheduling reserved sessions in advance possible such that the availability of all physicians can be coordinated; thus, system acceptance increases, physician willingness to cooperate improves, and ultimately, the value of the tele-consultation is magnified.

頁(從 - 到)1055-1066
期刊Journal of Information Science and Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2009 7月 1

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  • 軟體
  • 人機介面
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  • 圖書館與資訊科學
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